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About us

Shanghai Nawing Biochemistry Co., Ltd was established in 2023 and is a company that provides comprehensive services to customers. Mainly engaged in the import and export trade of advanced pharmaceutical intermediates, active pharmaceutical ingredients, and formulations, our products cover general chemicals, macromolecular (peptides, monoclonal antibodies, etc.) raw materials, and we also provide various technical consulting, development, transfer, and other professional customized services to global customers. All members of the company have over 10 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry and have close cooperation with major pharmaceutical companies and manufacturers both domestically and internationally. With years of professional service experience in Europe, America, Japan, and South Korea, we have won the reputation and trust of our customers.

We are committed to China and look at the world. In the future, we will continue to leverage our professional advantages to establish a global sales network for more Chinese manufacturers, and provide superior products and services for global pharmaceutical companies and trading partners.


Timely and efficient,Innovation and customer -oriented

Provide international one -stop services for global pharmaceutical manufacturers

Comprehensive conventional business

Twenty years of deep cultivation of overseas markets,In -depth research and development of customer r & d pipelines and market medication trends,Docking in time in time,To accurately connect and cover small and large molecule active pharmaceutical ingredients and new formulations for production enterprises、Intermediate、High quality customers such as pet medicine. Provide efficient international trade full process services for production enterprises and customers。

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Technical platform

With global market sales experience, we provide customers with the development of high technological barriers, high difficulty, and complex chiral pharmaceutical raw materials and intermediate products. We comprehensively utilize technologies such as asymmetric catalysis, chiral guidance, enzyme catalysis, and salt crystallization to explore innovative synthesis pathways and greatly optimize the production process of new pharmaceutical intermediates. At the same time, actively communicate, cooperate and learn with peers, and provide customized platforms for peptide and ADC products for customers. Provide customers with high timeliness, cost-effectiveness, and optimal industrial services; Make raw material supply the most stable and reliable link in the process of customer project promotion; The goal is to achieve maximum value through technological innovation and grow together with customers.